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About ME

Who am I?

My name is Huma Zuellah Ahmed (nickname Zeeh). You can call me Coach Zeeh ;]


I am an extremely passionate Personal Development Life Coach. I am a Trained and Certified Life Coach, Certified Solution Focused Coach, Certified Transformational Life Coach through Universal Coach Institute. I am also a Certified and Registered Life Coach with American University of NLP run by Dr. Steve G. Jones. You can find my name under the International Practitioners Listing. You can also find further credentials here.

As part of my true calling, I have been an educator all my life even without knowing it. That’s what I absolutely love to do; to impart knowledge, to empower those around me, and to share and grow with them. Having traveled a long road with lots of challenging, and adventurous twists and turns in my academic career, I have managed to pull off a Bachelors in Commerce, a Masters in Computer Science and various other certifications. The list is growing every moment.

This twisted road shows my diversity for one, my versatile, exploratory, adventurous nature for another and my desire for experiencing passionate living. I kind of love to play this game of being a detective asking and answering questions and that’s why I fit in this role (as a Coach) absolutely perfect.

One True Self is at my core. Do I sound, look or feel superficial?

Well, read what it means to me a One True Self Activist. It is not being perfect. That’s why I am not perfect. It just means striving to be better each day. Some days you are bad, some days better and some days best. And right after being the best, you sometimes go down to being better or bad. That is the whole point of the journey of life as a human being. There is immense toil and hard work that each one of our life path holds but the only thing that matters and makes you One True Self Activist is the innate motivation and belief to just try one more time. Try to be human. Try to be your true self.

Strive changes everything. Strive makes everything.

Words that Define me?

Reflection, Reflection and Reflection are the words that define me the most.

Motivation, One True Self Activist are some others.

My Strategic Life Vision?

To facilitate other people with my KSA’s – knowledge, skills and abilities.

This has led me into this One True Self – Life Coaching venture. You can find more about the vision, mission and motivation behind it here.

My Ultimate Goal?

To motivate people (like you) to live life aligned with your motives (motivations- your true reasons of existence) of living.

My Ultimate Focus?

My main focus stems from the ultimate goal. It fuels through motivating and supporting others (like yourself)

  1. to discover their own Strategic Life Visions, their ultimate reasons of existence, their unique code of individuality fulfilling their individual and collective destiny.
  2. to define and map a  life full of purpose, meaning and value.
  3. to live it by taking action

My Ultimate Audience?

Although my focus is on Youth coaching but I love to cater to any and all audience that believes in becoming the best version of themselves through continuous self development and just need that little extra support, a slight push or a person who can get them from where they are to where they want to go without being judgmental and without giving advice.

 My Ultimate Time Out?

My versatile nature is home to varied creative pursuits; one of which being Creative and Reflective Self Expression. You can find more at www.zuallah.com

I simply love to travel and experience diverse land and their cultures. Exotic places, nature, birds, trees and adventure sports thrill me and Ahhhh!!! the feeling of striking off items from my GOALS TODO List never fails to leave me ecstatic.

Stay Tuned!

Very soon I will share more of my ramblings about other stuff that matters to me and also my personal accomplishments and challenges so you can feel motivated and relate better with me. If all this makes sense to you, stick with me on this life long adventure.

Your Ultimate Feedback?

You can start by letting me know

  1. What motivates you
  2. What makes you who you are
  3. and What matters most to you

and if you need more clarity on the above, remember I am here for you. So go ahead, sign up for my newsletter and never miss an article packed with tools, tips and techniques on CHOICES FOR A BETTER YOU!

Can’t wait to hear from you. Remember, I am listening.

May Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God be upon you!

One True Self Life Coaching

Best Becoming Better

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