The Hand Technique of Self Coaching

Dearest True Self, I am going to share with you one of my core beliefs from my core beliefs and values checklist. This is an extremely important belief and I never knew before diving into the world of Life Coaching that it relates to this service so much. So, now I call … Continue reading

What is Life Coaching Mirror Technique

Life Coaching-The Right kind of Mirror Technique

Dearest True Self, The focus of this article is to discuss and make you understand two important questions in a very simple, straight forward way. Question 1: What is Life Coaching? Question 2: What is the main job of a Life Coach? Sounds too technical? Let’s make it fun by way of … Continue reading

The Personality Dress

THE PERSONALITY DRESS HOW DOES A PERSONALITY DRESS MAKES A DIFFERENCE? WEARING A GREAT PERSONALITY OVERWHELMS A GREAT DRESS! What is more important to you? Wearing a grand personality dress or a brand dress? My reflection on the above comes from my personal life experiences. I get inspired and moved by … Continue reading

Three Step Life Choice Formula of Dream,Dare,Do

DREAM, DARE, DO! D.D.D The Three Step Life Choice Formula of Dream,Dare,Do The three simple steps from Concept to Reality, from your Mind’s World to the Real World, from Thought to Action and from Within You to outside of You! Step 1) DREAM of what you wish to be or wish … Continue reading

THE Positive Pespective

THE POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE What do you see when faced with a challenge or difficulty? How do you take it? Is it an opportunity to grow or a difficulty to put you down? EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR GOOD THEY SAY. I KNOW, SEEING THE GOOD IN THE MOMENT IS NOT IN OUR HANDS … Continue reading

Believe in Self-Belief

YOU and YOUR Self-Belief! Believe in Self-Belief! Do YOU? BELIEVE IN YOURSELF BEFORE YOU EXPECT ANYONE ELSE TO DO SO! Yes! Have you noticed how Powerful Beliefs are? Have you Reflected and Thought about Your Beliefs about Yourself? IF YOU, HAVE NOT known that YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU … Continue reading

In Between Life,Light and Darkness

LIFE Happens in between Light and Darkness! Do you agree? Life happens or strikes like lightening sometimes. The brightness of lightening reveals a lot that was always there but you were unable to see it before and then there is darkness once again until lightening strikes again. Has life happened … Continue reading