I saw that Coach Zeeh was offering a Business Coaching Clarity call to help and assist women entrepreneurs with questions about their businesses that were challenging & keeping then unable to move forward to the next level of their business.

During my session, I found her to be prompt, knowledgeable about who she served and the results and solutions overall she wanted to achieve for me. Part of her offering these free clarity was also to seek those overwhelming challenges women business owners face so the solutions could be added in her upcoming coaching program. My challenge was not knowing exactly what solution and results I wanted to help my target market of christian entrepreneurs overcome. I had a lot of things I had overcome myself, but Zeeh's probing, sensitivity, education, skills and knowledge within less than five minutes had already help me know exactly what that look like. Boy was I excited.

Yes I said no less than five minutes the challenge that held me captive, stagnated, tainted my brains, made it difficult to understand my content creation for months, in less than five minutes my problem was solved. Coach Zeeh had me narrow down my niche , but also she made me understand what my unique niche look like.

All I can say is, as a intellectual woman such as myself who is an ADHD warrior, when I got off tract, had too many ideas as our conversion got intense, confusing myself, I didn't confuse her. She knew exactly what to do in order to bring me back and help keep me focused on the task at hand. I can talk about this experience with her forever lol. Why? Because she helped me help myself and was authentic when doing it. She and I had a lot of time left, rather than end the session she offered to find out more about what she could help me with that would help make my business flow.

She is designing a program just for women entrepreneurs so she can add the solutions to problems these women are struggling with in their business. So if you need clarity on anything in your business or seek business solutions Coach Zeeh is who you want to seek out.

September 2016
Founder of the Stiletto Queen Esteem Lifestyle, Lupus & ADHD

Kisha J. McRae (Christian Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach, Transformation Strategist, Speaker & Author)
New York, USA


My name is Noor and I'm a motivational speaker ! Before the session, I didn't know where to start my business as a motivational speaker and I didn't have much confidence.

So I took the 60 Minute Coaching Session. During this session, Coach Zeeh gave me insight into the issues that were blocking my growth in my business and showed me the necessary steps I would need to take to reach my goals. She was very understanding and the tools and exercises she gave me helped a bunch! After only one session, I felt much more confident and motivated!

September 2016

Ms. Noor Ali (Motivational Speaker)
Michigan, USA

After few weeks of coaching with Zeeh,my attitude towards myself,my family & most importantly towards life has changed to almost 180 degrees......with negativity being the starting point where i was & positivity,confident life is the point where i am today.

she helped me realise my own potential through self awareness. While listening to me very carefully & providing the insight from her experiences,she helped me focus on my strengths & liberating me from the self limitations.

As a home-maker i always wanted a healthy,happy & loving family.but in this process i neglected myself,which overs the years resulted in zero confidence ,unhappiness& pessimism.

She made me realise how change in perspective can change life & just as a rose flower is surrounded by rose fragrance & not jasmine fragrance.& jasmine is surrounded by jasmine fragrance & not rose fragrance,so happiness can only be spread if i am happy.

She made me realise my self worth for a happy family & by the grace of ALLAH today not only i am confident,happy & loving myself but i am spreading the happiness to my family as well.

For those who wish to fulfill their dream of a confident,happy & living life to the fullest with your loved ones, coach Zeeh is undoubtedly the best.

March 2016

Mrs. Raza (Home maker)

Six months ago I was diagnosed with a breast cancer. I was already unhappy with my life before that news, but this time I felt like my life should end straight away, because I didn’t feel I would have enough strength to battle the disease. Right now I am at the beginning of the battle. Why? Once you are once diagnosed with a cancer, there is always probability the cancer might come back and you have to go through medical tests more often than the others. But today I am looking at my life from completely different perspective and nothing seems to be as senseless and dark as before.

Yes, I am still sick and jobless but thanks to the sessions with Coach Zeeh, I discovered my hidden potentials. I was in that point of my life when I had to move forward but I couldn’t figure out how.

Throughout our coaching journey she listened and understood me, and made me reflect and think of the right things - the different things that I wouldn't have ever thought on my own. She assigned me the homework and other tasks to do and always stayed there to support me. She helped me to determine my goals and followed me step by step to achieve them. She helped me to understand that I can deal with my life positively despite the disease and that I can be relaxed although I am so sick. I still have lots of work to do but thanks to Coach Zeeh I know I can be successful.

If you feel you want to change your life, move forward and you don’t know how to do it, then immediately try the coaching sessions with the Coach Zeeh. The sooner the better for you!

September 2015

Edyta Lasak (Science Teacher)

I highly recommend Coach Zeeh for the tremendous job she does. I have become stress free and learned to manage my time well with the help and tools provided by her. My life is finally in order. Life Coaching is worth a shot if you are dying for a changed, better life and cannot do it alone.

March 2015

Sarah Abdulla (Administrative Assistant)

I believe that the 6 week life coaching is the best investment that I made in myself. In the beginning I was skeptical but I was committed to try everything and anything to bring a positive change in my life. I was unfocused, unhappy and unclear about my life.

Coach Zeeh understood my needs and my personality and assisted me in regaining the clarity and direction that I couldn't see on my own. What seemed an unclear journey in the beginning turned into amazing transformation thanks to the support, patience and facilitation of my Coach. She instilled patience and hope in me every step of the way and together we discovered my true-calling and took action with the devised action plan. I am now working on my dream of becoming a Career Counselor and helping others out. I am glad to have met Coach Zeeh.

Thank-you. Love Claire XXXX

January 2015

Claire Penn (Teacher)

All I want to say is that I couldn't have reached my fitness and weight loss goals without Coach Zeeh. I had tried for years to shed those extra pounds but couldn't have done it without the last 4 months of coaching and accountability to my coach. If you need someone to hold you accountable and believe in you.....you definitely need a coach. It was even much more than accountability, trust, and support...it was empowerment. The new NLP methods and homework assignments made the difference.

5 stars!!!!!

December 2014

Fatima Amer (Housewife)

Thank-you for the amazing Coaching experience......

A few weeks back before I started my sessions with Coach Zeeh, I was unsatisfied with my life,had lost my confidence,felt unworthy & was trapped in my social phobia. With her help, I began to regain my lost confidence,my self worth,felt great & started to look forward for the social events with great delight.

Now I feel at my best, I am not only attending the gatherings,but enjoying them as well. She has transformed me into a person who I always wished for. Her coaching is for those who are stuck in some point in their life,want to move forward, but cannot figure out how.

Throughout my journey,she listened carefully,asked me right questions at the right time & helped me discover my hidden potential.she remained in sync with me.I felt we were always at the same level & she had a natural understanding of my goals. If you are serious in investing your time,money & efforts & improving your life through coaching,then undoubtedly she is your best choice.

September 2014

Ms. S Alam (Doctor)

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