Three Step Life Choice Formula of Dream,Dare,Do


The Three Step Life Choice Formula of Dream,Dare,Do

The three simple steps from Concept to Reality, from your Mind’s World to the Real World, from Thought to Action and from Within You to outside of You!

Step 1) DREAM of what you wish to be or wish to accomplish (Goal)

Step 2) DARE to believe in Yourself and Your God given Abilities

Step 3) DO by taking action and putting your RIGHT FOOT FORWARD by taking the FIRST YET THE MOST IMPORTANT AND SUBSTANTIAL small step.


I Dreamt of helping people, motivating change and transforming their lives for the better and in the event spreading positive and loving vibrations around me and in this world to last till the world remains in its form but I was stuck in a job that paid me well, gave me some accomplishment but did not satisfy my innate desire and God given abilities and purpose of living. I had no clue what to do and how to come out of my shades of unfulfilled life and be alive in every moment of it. I thought I cannot be alive. I thought I cannot feel the blood gushing in my veins once again making me happy and giving me a sense of moving life. Everything moved past me; my days and my nights but I DID NOT MOVE. I was stagnant. I could not decide or discover on the best way to move forward and reach out for my happiness.

And then one day, my search brought me to Life Coaching. I discovered a way to elevate myself out of my low state to elated happiness. I discovered a path to professionally grow myself and help others around me by bringing them out of where I was once. By helping them discover their own solutions, by being there for them, by bringing them out of the place where I was once. I decided that I have to help others like me (in the past) who are stuck, lost and confused with their life challenges and goals. I decided to give others what I did not have once. But to do that I had to follow a difficult path. I had to put effort. I had to burn the midnight oil and struggle. and that is when my three letter word Dream, Dare and Do came into being.

Dare to Dream and Dare to Do!

I coined it. I practiced it and I experienced the results and now you can see and experience the results and the product too. By witnessing and connecting with me. I am the Final Product. Alive and Kicking with Inspiration.


Step 1) DREAM I dreamed of having a career based on my true calling helping other ladies through Personal and Professional Life Coaching and Personal Development

Step 2) DARE I dared to believe in myself and my God given abilities and punched out all the limitations inside me that kept me where I was before

Step 3) DO I did what I had to do and found the path to my happiness and fulfillment. I researched and found a program that will take me to where I wanted to go. I invested my money, my time and my energy in it. I made a plan. I worked extra hours along with my full time job and family responsibilities and I became a Certified and Professional Life Coach.


If I can do it, so can you!

Looking to hear your experiences on the same.

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings
Live a Life of Choice; not Chance

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