Life Coach: Bridge, Rope and You

Dearest Reader,

Are you surrounded by an ever changing world? A world of innovation in which new terminologies get coined at a remarkably great rate? Does that make you feel over-whelmed?

It sure leaves me over-whelmed.

The need of going over an information again just to remember it makes me exhausted and I wish there is always a better way of understanding and remembering. That is what I always keep looking for.

Here is a  one of the lists that symbolizes our evolutionary journey.

Social Counselor, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Therapist and now…………Life Coach.


Confused? Isn’t that too much for any-one to handle?


That’s why I have put below a very cool and symbolic example from life. Just for you to look at, understand and remember what a Life Coach is with ease.

Sounds fun?

So, What is a Life Coach? 

Life Coach meaningImagine you are standing at the top of a mountain or some kind of land. Looking straight ahead you can see another mountain or piece of land at a far distance. This other mountain is your destination. Home to great treasure. What separates the two mountains is a body of flowing water. Now, lets talk about the treasure. You really need this treasure to change your life completely. This is the only thing right now that can transform your life.

Your goal is to cross the bridge to get to it. The crossing is an old, shabby, partially broken wooden suspension bridge. It is made up of wooden planks connected together at small intervals.

The loud sound of the cold, gushing water beating the rocks, some of whose tips protrude from under the river, cannot go un-noticed.   You look below to roughly calculate the great height at which the bridge hangs over the rushing stream of water, partially white where it hits the rocks. The calculation lets the chills run down your spine.

To put your focus back to where it belongs, you look straight ahead at your destination. You cannot help notice some of the missing planks of wood in the bridge. The dark, old and rugged wood has small and big cracks that run deep within it.

A flow of questions begin to hit your veins.

Will I be able to do it? What if I fall? How can I balance? How can I make sure to succeed in getting to the other side? Is it worth the risk? Should I just stay where I am? Should I give up? Has others made it before? Can I set an example by making it? Is luck on my side?

With the army of popping questions, you put your right foot forward and start your journey alone. The bridge tilts to the right due to pressure of your weight. You try to move your upper body to the left in a hope to maintain balance. The squeaky sound of the aged wood adds more fear to the task ahead. It seems more difficult than you thought. But you keep going, one step at a time.

For some time.

Alright Stop.

Stop for a moment.

What if there was a hard, fastened, strong rope that hung above the bridge? What if there was a safety rope fastened around you? Would this rope take the fear or at least a great part of fear out of this endeavor? Would it make it easier to get to the other end? Would just knowing that there is support available shift your mindset and put your focus back on your destination? Would the rope make you feel safe?

What is your answer?


Now, re-visit the example putting yourself back in the picture.

Has there been something in your life that you have always wanted to do but have never been able to?

(It could be out of fear, procrastination, lack of support, lack  of clarity or any other reason.)

What if you knew that there was some-one who will listen to you without judgement, support you, believe in you and stand by you while you are doing it. Does this knowledge and presence change how you think, feel and behave about what you want to change or have in your life? Does it provide you that security and assurance that you are looking for?

That’s exactly what a Life Coach does.

A life coach lets you reach your goal by providing support.


Putting it all together.

OPPOSITE MOUNTAIN: It is a place in the future where you want to go. Other word DESTINATION

TREASURE: It is the change that will add riches to your life. It is you what you want to change in the future. Other word GOAL

BRIDGE : The journey that you have to take in order to reach that place in the future where you meet your treasure. Other word ACTION STEPS, LIFE PATH

ROPE: The support that helps you along this journey to reach that place. Other word LIFE COACH

I hope the example of  the Bridge, Rope and You helps you in clarifying the role of a life coach.


Let me know what your destinations and treasures look like by commenting below. See you on the other side of the Bridge.


Happy Treasure Hunting!



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