In Between Life,Light and Darkness

LIFE Happens in between Light and Darkness! Do you agree?

Life happens or strikes like lightening sometimes. The brightness of lightening reveals a lot that was always there but you were unable to see it before and then there is darkness once again until lightening strikes again.

Life,Light and Darkness

Has life happened to you lately? Have you been through a traumatic or difficult experience? Have you felt that a bolt of lightening has hit you and jolted you leaving you shaky?

What happened next? Did you become more sore, more depressed, more angry, more unhappy, or more frustrated? Did you find people or events to blame?


Did you try to see the Positive Lessons, your Inner Strengths, the New Realizations and the New Opportunities when the lightening lit up Your Surroundings?

YES, it did some superficial and on the surface damage. But it also opened doors of Reflection, of New Paths and of New Treasures.

Take Life as a Gift. Take Difficulties as periods to Reflect, Learn and Grow. They have a lot to teach. If you cannot understand what is there to learn, find a person who is trained to help you through the Better and Positive change. Reach out to those who are skilled to do this.

You have a choice! You always have a choice.

Now, when a bad event happens, you can see it as another misery and sit, cry, get more depressed, blame or you can see the opportunity to Move Forward in life by taking the Right Action.

If not that, You can atleast realize that you are Stronger than many others to have gone through the Difficulty and Survived it. You can see the Inner Courage. SEE YOUR STRENGTHS, because I KNOW, I BELIEVE that YOU ARE STRONG. DO NOT just let it pass. Take YOURSELF AND YOU LIFE SERIOUSLY!

DISCOVER YOUR REAL SELF SO YOU CAN START LOVING YOURSELF and STOP DEPENDING on external things, external people and their assuring compliments, and external situations to FIND REASONS TO LOVE WHO YOU ARE.

Looking to hear your experiences on the same.

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings
Live a Life of Choice; not Chance

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