Welcome to the online residence of One True Self Life Coaching. Believe me, I am exhilarated to meet you and show you around my Home here. Let me push open the doors for you to hear, see and feel what lies on the other side. Lets get Started…..

One True Self Vision

To transform the society where humans live by choice not chance; where living is a 100% passionate experience and 0% hard work

One True Self Mission

To empower (young and youthful) people re-model their meaningless life into meaningful one through reflection, motivation and action

One True Self Programs

ONE TRUE SELF Life Coaching offers online Personal  Life Coaching. It is a hub for Reflection, Motivation and Personal Self Development and provides inspiration and reflection based articles, practical tools and exercises that are aimed to take you to the next level.

Current focus of the online programs and life coaching is Strategic Life Vision. Life Coaching however, is also provided in any area that will better you and your life.

It empowers its audience through

  1. Knowledge Sharing Blog
  2. Free Downloads
  3. Coaching for Living by Choice – Newsletter (Register on the Sidebar)
  4. Personal Coaching
  5. Group Coaching Programs [Coming Soon…]
  6. Email coaching
  7. Home Study Programs [Coming Soon…]

I’m here to motivate you, inspire you, support you, help you and move you from living a meaningless life to a meaningful adventure. You can only do that if you strive to become a better version of yourselves on a daily basis.  My programs help you discover your true self, find your true calling (Strategic Life Vision), Set and Achieve Goals,  unearth and move past your blockages, follow your heart to ultimately create a meaningful, happy and fulfilled life.

If I helped you to take even one step towards becoming a better version of yourself today, if I have made a difference in your life today – a difference to CELEBRATE YOUR EXISTENCE today, I have done my job. If I made you recognize and realize your purpose of existence through enlightenment, empowerment and encouragement, I have lived my own purpose.

One True Self Activist

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If you wish to know more about the core idea that forms the foundation of One True Self Coaching, proceed to  One True Self.

GO HERE to read about One True Self Beliefs and One True Self Attitudes

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