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One True Self Makeup?

One True Self’s Makeup combines both Spiritual and Material Self.  Not only the whole website revolves around this but any other partner project or website is also based on this.

Human Being = Spiritual Being + Material Being

The spiritual aspect is extremely vital and the material aspect falls within it. This means when you begin your journey, you need to be CLEAR about your Spiritual aspect first and your material aspect will take care of itself.

Where do you start your Journey of Spiritual Clarity? 

Before I answer that question, read some background below. If you still wish to skip the background, go directly here to get the answer to the above question.

One True Self?

So what is the idea behind One True Self? Is it just a fancy term or is there a clear motivation behind it?

The idea stems from one of my ultimate beliefs that looks like this.

There is only One True Self in existence. The True Self is inherently clear, pure, unconditional and full of love. A reflection of Divine qualities and attributes. A connected, contented and centered self. It is the best version of self; the self that strongly understands who it is, connects within and consequently connects to God and HIS universe.  Ultimate Spiritual Oneness.

One True Self Beginning?

You are born as your pure and innocent true self. Can you remember your infancy or even your early childhood? High chances are that you don’t. Look at any child around you. Look carefully and you might understand what I am talking about.

One True Self End?

Leaving this world as your true self stems from your Personal Responsibility to self and to the Divine. Leave behind the same true person that God sent you as. This is what your personal legacy is. This is what your end is. When people remember you, they remember what a Divine and True Soul you were. They honestly miss you.

One True Self

Best Becoming Better

One True Self Journey?

A lot of us lose our true selves on the way of growing up. Your journey revolves around striving to become your true self. Yes, you will fail and you will fail many times, perhaps many times miserably but as long as you keep trying that’s all that matters.

Journey Requirement

The requirement of this journey is to find your true self, be your true self and strive to remain your true self.


It is difficult, very difficult sometimes but it is not impossible. Can you do it alone? Yes, you can but Can you efficiently do it alone (quickly and effectively)? No. Not efficiently. A lot of you might not agree with me here. That’s fine. A few years back I held my reservations too. All I ask of you is to hear me with an open mind.

Put the facts on the table. Look at all the top, successful people in the world especially the head of organizations. Consider to choose those ones who seem extremely clear, centered, relaxed and peaceful when they speak. You will feel this by hearing or reading them. Read about their lives and their climb up the ladder. Have you heard them saying that if they had known what they know now or if there was some-one who guided them at the start, they would have reached here more quickly? Have you often seen them share their own mistakes so others can avoid them? Have they managed to reach where they are today all alone, independently, without any help, support, guides and teachers? Have they managed to stay there without support? Certainly not. Then, why do we think and believe that we can do it all alone.

The Bad News. It is the wrong mental conditioning that you and I are brought up with. It is so deeply engraved on the fabric of your personality that you often overlook the facts around you or if you do will to change, you give into the pressures of people and circumstances around you. You were told that you are strong enough to do it all alone.

The Good News. You can change right here and right now.You just need to Make and Take that Decision to change in your hands. Accept the fact that you are strong but you get even stronger with added support. You can reach your destination faster and quicker. This is where you will need that little bit of support in your life. This is where you will need some-one who is there for you, who can hear you out without making any judgments, who trusts and believes in you and who accepts you as you are.

Journey Expectation

The expectation of this journey is to think, speak and act as your best true self would.

One True Self Life Coach?

The whole concept of One True Self Life Coaching runs around striving and attaining to become that one true self. How I fit myself in your journey is because I journey with you and provide you more clarity, inspiration and support that you need. This core belief forms the basis of my own personal journey as well.

There are 2 ways to do this.

Way 1: The Long, Better Way

  1. Step 1:  Discover your Self. (Define your Spiritual Self, then your Material Self and everything else within it. Design your road map for journey and Align everything.)
  2. Step 2:  Better your Self. (Based on your designed Road map, take small action steps in areas of self-improvement that you require to reach your destination.)

Way 2: The Short, Quick Way

  1. Better your Self. (Start by improving yourself by focusing on a single self improvement area)

If you are Absolutely CLEAR about who you are, skip the Discovery Yourself step. You can also skip it if you want some quick tangible result by targeting a certain area or skill set like time management, finishing a project, getting a promotion, healthy eating etc. This is done to improve motivation and self worth. Once you have accomplished a small goal, you can go back to the bigger and your core goal of Self Discovery.

People, usually employers put more emphasis on Professional Development rather than Personal Development at work places.  They include Soft Skills such as Time Management under it. However, many times all the money invested in the employees as part of Professional Development does not seem to maximize their potential at work. Why? You can find that out in my article Why Employers need to Invest in Staff Personal Development?

Personal Development is an Investment in the Whole YOU
Professional Development is an Investment in the Part of that Whole YOU

For now, I must stop here by saying that I emphasize on a Wholesome Personal Development of an individual more than Professional Development simply because profession, job or work falls into a person’s life; your life; and not the other way around. That is why my emphasis is to start at the core of your innate and unique being and focus your investment where it is needed the most. When this happens, the influence is seen, heard and felt in your whole life and your work improves beyond imagination too. Balancing yourself means balancing your whole life; your personal and professional.

Step 1: Discover your Self

Finding yourself and finding your true calling is the most important part of attaining your true self. This is the core of a happy life. This is finding your spiritual being, your real purpose. I am here to help you gain clarity on

  1. who you really and truly are
  2. what is your true calling
  3. what is your individual and collective destiny

Once you have discovered yourself, its time to take action and be who you are, who you were truly meant to be. Once you live as you were truly meant to live, you actually really start living. YOU ARE ALIVE. Everything falls into place and your life is full of happiness and contentment.

Step 2: Better your Self

Once you have gained clarity and start living as your own true self, you will automatically work towards becoming the best version of yourself through continuous self development. and I am here to support you and be there for you to reach personal, professional, health, spiritual goals. Ready to Connect with me? Send me a FB message!

So, this is all about the underlying belief system of One True Self.

If you need further clarification on the above, drop me a line below. If you align yourself with One True Self Belief, become a One True Self Activist. Join the community here!



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