Recurring Dreams and Your True Self Coaching

Recurring Dreams and Your True Self? What? You might say, why such an article called

Understand Your True Self with Recurring Dreams

Well, something recently happened in my life and I wanted to share it with you. I think you might find it useful and

  1. Either learn something new OR
  2. Learn to handle something in a new way OR
  3. Learn HOW TO look for a solution to a similar challenge of your own OR
  4. Help some-one (friend, family and acquaintance etc.) with this new knowledge.

One of the Core Attitudes of being One True Self is being and remaining SOLUTION FOCUSED. This is one of my Core Values too. and there is a whole history behind it. If you are interested to know about My own fight to Finding Tangible Solutions and defining it as a Core Belief , let me know in the feedback.

recurring dreams


Coming back to the article, One of my friends shared with me a challenge she was facing since many many  years and what was that challenge?

She saw two different types of dreams very often. One dream was about birds and the other about her home. Both sets of dreams were not exactly same each time. They were different but the theme of the dreams were the same. In one form or another, she saw different types of birds in the same scenario. Even the dream that dealt with a house and doors was different in the sense that the house would be different but the feelings and other symbols would be same at the core.

She discussed it with a couple of people before she shared it with me. They gave her an explanation which she also shared with me out of her frustration. She was really frustrated and disturbed and wanted to get rid of them. But did not know how.

I am sort of an expert on dream psychology through experience and I have a knack of connecting the dots. I know a few things about dreams, a few things about psychology, a few things about people and a few things about coaching people (Core Belief: There’s always something new to learn). And of course,  a passion to facilitate others. I love putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

One thing I was sure about was why she was having these dreams and that is the purpose of this article. Personal Understanding and Awareness is an integral part of Personal Responsibility; a trait that is at the Heart and Core of being One True Self.

To cut the long story short, I gave her my own personal interpretations of both the dreams. I told her if you ask me, this is what I believe they mean.

Now, the awesome part. I had completely forgotten about it but after a few months she told me

I am so incredibly happy. Do you know why?

I asked her why?

Since you gave me those dream interpretations Zee, I have stopped dreaming them. I am free. I am absolutely free. I am not chased by them. I have a peaceful sleep. I don’t fret that if I sleep, I might see the recurring dreams again. I feel like a winner. At least I overcame one challenge of my life. 

(Now, the MOST awesome part. I helped some-one make their life better)

So, what exactly changed after I pour in an explanation to her. Why did they stop? How did the dreams disappear all of a sudden? Can that even happen? I mean, can miracles happen in life all of a sudden? You are faced by a challenge (mental, physical as health etc.) for so long and then in just one moment everything changes. Can such a magic happen?

Yes, Absolutely. BUT …..

This is No Magic. This is Pure Logic.

Everything in this universe is based on a precise logic. (oops! I spilled one more of my beliefs ;] I hope you don’t mind)

So, let’s Rewind and Put you in the picture. If you are still reading, it means either you have dreams or you are simply my type; the very curious type I mean ;]

Did you ever feel that the more you want to get rid of them, they stick to even more like bee on flowers. The more you want them gone, the more you see them. The more you ignore them, the more they bully you.

You think they are demons. Well, bad news that they are not.

But they are a nuisance.

Sure they are.

What I am only saying that they are not demons.

They are your friends.



Yes. You heard me right.

They are your friends.

They are there to wake you up. They are there to guide you. They are there to bring you back to your one true self. They are just mere guests. Their stay is limited. They are in your house (body) and only knocking your doors until you let them out.

Did you ever think of it like that?

Consider your body as (home) and Recurring dreams as (Guests)

They want to leave but they don’t have the key to open the main door. Only you have the key because you are the owner of the house.

You hear the knocking sound (by seeing the recurring dreams) but you don’t really listen.

Listen to them. They have something very important to say.

Usually they are just pointing out that you are running away from something, you don’t want to confront something. Something in your life is out of balance and going wrong but you are not paying attention. You need to pay attention to yourself, your body. It can be related to your psychological, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual health.

when you ignore them, they just get suppressed but they still are inside your darkness waiting to see the light of the day. Accept them, Acknowledge them, Understand them and Open the door so that they can be freed. Free yourself by Freeing them. It is not as difficult as it sounds.


Let me know what you think about the article by commenting below. Are you haunted by a recurring dream? Can you manage to solve it now? If you need some professional support, email me for some DREAM COACHING.

Happy Dreaming!

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Best Becoming Better

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