What is Life Coaching Mirror Technique

Dearest True Self,

The focus of this article is to discuss and make you understand two important questions in a very simple, straight forward way.

Question 1: What is Life Coaching?

Question 2: What is the main job of a Life Coach?

Sounds too technical?

Let’s make it fun by way of an easy and symbolic example. But before we talk about the Secret Mirror Technique, lets get some basic facts about life coaching definition out of our way.

Life Coaching helps you change something in your life that you want to change. It assists you in reaching your goals. Life Coaching is based on a set of principles.

One, you must be willing to change something in your life. The need to attain a goal should be present in you.

Two, you have either tried to do it alone and failed or you just don’t know how to achieve your goal or you don’t want to even try alone due to the fear of failing

Three, your best knowledge has brought you where you are today but you need some extra help and knowledge to take you further

Four, life coaching focuses on your future

Five, you are the only person who knows yourself the best and that means the life coach or any other person does not have the answer to your challenge

Six, it is all about making you clear about yourself. This is based on one of the Core Beliefs and Values of Humanity.

Seven, life coaching is not about advising, mentoring, solving medical issues (therapy, mental and psychological help, medicinal help) BUT in case where additional help is required, life coaching can work side by side

Think of it as a Secret Mirror.Life Coaching-The Right kind of Mirror Technique

The Mirror Technique

Tell me What is the purpose of a mirror?

To reflect, isn’t it.

If I hold a mirror in front of your face, what will you see in it?

Your face, right?

You will see yourself in the mirror. You will reflect yourself back. You notice your eyes, your nose, your lips, your chin. That is what the mirror’s job is. To show you who you are.

A life coach does just exactly that. Really, that’s about it. Sounds weird? Read ahead….

As life coaching is based on this Core Belief of all knowledge that you need is within you, the only job left on your part is to make an effort and discover it.

How will you discover that solution; the answer to the problem you have?

Through reflection

You reflect within yourself and around you on everything linked (people, circumstance, thing) to you

But, then why sometimes you cannot find the answers yourself ?

Great question!

Because, you need a special kind of mirror to reflect differently sometimes.


This is where a Life Coach comes into the picture. A life coach provides you the Right Kind of Mirror to Reflect correctly and reach the right point within you where you will find the solution.

It’s a secret mirror because one, it is invisible and two, because it is unique not only for every person but also in every challenge.

A life coach pulls out this secret mirror from your personal bag and then tries to figure out with you which one is right for the present situation. A life coach just holds that mirror up to you by asking you questions that make you think deeply, contemplate and reflect on yourself until there comes a point where you find what you were looking for.

The Right Kind of Mirror asks the right type of questions and the answers to which open doors to transformation of your life.

It might take sometime depending on your goal and your present situation to find solutions and that varies from person to person. Sometimes, people cannot see initially huge benefits from life coaching but after a few sessions they start to understand its importance and realize the changes that are occurring.


Now, re-visit the example putting yourself back in the picture.

How many times do you reflect? How many times have asking questions differently made you understand things better and find solutions? Can you align with the idea of the Mirror Technique? Is this something you, yourself have been doing without noticing?


Putting it all together.

MIRROR: A tool to invoke reflection within you

REFLECTION: An image of yourself that becomes clearer when you think deeply

RIGHT KIND OF MIRROR: The right type of questions that will lead you to solutions


Let me know how much role does Reflection play in your life. Does Self Reflection lead to Solutions? Is there a goal or challenge in your life where you haven’t been able to find the right type of mirror?  What do you do in that case? See you holding the Right Mirror ;]

Happy Reflecting!

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings

One True Self Life Coaching
Best Becoming Better

The Personality Dress




What is more important to you? Wearing a grand personality dress or a brand dress?

My reflection on the above comes from my personal life experiences. I get inspired and moved by people with tremendously awesome and genuine personality. When I meet them, I want to hang out with them, be around them and learn from them. Many times I have met people who have vibes of immense positivity and a charismatic personality that leaves me in awe. My eyes look beyond and even do not notice what they are wearing or how beautiful they are but it sub-consciously realizes their unique, true personality dress that appears popping over and beyond their clothing dress. In fact, they appear beautiful or even more beautiful than many beautiful people by standards of today. This has always been true to me.


I also came across a completely different crowd who believed that without expensive clothes and accessories, a person is not valuable and respectable. You might have also met people who are dressed in designer wear and branded from head to toe but some of them are clearly not valuable or beautiful people by any definition. You would like to run away or stay miles apart from them.

There is a group of people who no matter what they wear or however they look; skinny or fat, is loveable and inspirational and the other group no matter how much money they spend on their appearance are far from even being likeable, let alone inspiration.

As for my personal self in the past, I failed to understand the reasons and importance behind this personality dress. I looked in the mirror and did a lot of negative talk in my mind. I hated the way I looked, I hated my skin, my hair, my figure. At that time, I did not understand the idea of being comfortable in my skin. Yet all these people from the first group, no matter how not so good looking had a magic woven around them. A magic of confidence, a magic of satisfaction, a magic of peace and happiness. Why and How?

My reflection led me to understand the Why. The reasons became clear and led me into asking myself a question. What is my personality dress?  Do I need to invest in its change? The answer was certainly yes. This brought me face-to-face with one of the most important life choice?  How do I dress up my personality? What are the ways and choices to make to reach this goal?

Wearing expensive clothes is not a bad thing but it does not have the edge over wearing a beautiful, vibrant, happy, peaceful, positive, confident, transparent personality dress.

Reflect on your personal life and tell me,

Have you come across such people that sweep you off your feet just with their genuineness and truth?

Have you met a stranger whose smile just made your day?

If you have such people in your life, be grateful. and if you really have felt their amazing power of love and positivity, then try resembling them by discovering and bringing out your own true, warm and genuine self.


Invest in YOUR INNER APPEARANCE more than investing on your OUTER APPEARANCE. BALANCE your spending between your outward dress and your INWARD DRESS of PERSONALITY. Dress yourself with a GREAT and GORGEOUS personality.

Wear the UNIQUE Style YOU OWN!


Looking to hear your experiences on the same.

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings


Three Step Life Choice Formula of Dream,Dare,Do


The Three Step Life Choice Formula of Dream,Dare,Do

The three simple steps from Concept to Reality, from your Mind’s World to the Real World, from Thought to Action and from Within You to outside of You!

Step 1) DREAM of what you wish to be or wish to accomplish (Goal)

Step 2) DARE to believe in Yourself and Your God given Abilities

Step 3) DO by taking action and putting your RIGHT FOOT FORWARD by taking the FIRST YET THE MOST IMPORTANT AND SUBSTANTIAL small step.


I Dreamt of helping people, motivating change and transforming their lives for the better and in the event spreading positive and loving vibrations around me and in this world to last till the world remains in its form but I was stuck in a job that paid me well, gave me some accomplishment but did not satisfy my innate desire and God given abilities and purpose of living. I had no clue what to do and how to come out of my shades of unfulfilled life and be alive in every moment of it. I thought I cannot be alive. I thought I cannot feel the blood gushing in my veins once again making me happy and giving me a sense of moving life. Everything moved past me; my days and my nights but I DID NOT MOVE. I was stagnant. I could not decide or discover on the best way to move forward and reach out for my happiness.

And then one day, my search brought me to Life Coaching. I discovered a way to elevate myself out of my low state to elated happiness. I discovered a path to professionally grow myself and help others around me by bringing them out of where I was once. By helping them discover their own solutions, by being there for them, by bringing them out of the place where I was once. I decided that I have to help others like me (in the past) who are stuck, lost and confused with their life challenges and goals. I decided to give others what I did not have once. But to do that I had to follow a difficult path. I had to put effort. I had to burn the midnight oil and struggle. and that is when my three letter word Dream, Dare and Do came into being.

Dare to Dream and Dare to Do!

I coined it. I practiced it and I experienced the results and now you can see and experience the results and the product too. By witnessing and connecting with me. I am the Final Product. Alive and Kicking with Inspiration.


Step 1) DREAM I dreamed of having a career based on my true calling helping other ladies through Personal and Professional Life Coaching and Personal Development

Step 2) DARE I dared to believe in myself and my God given abilities and punched out all the limitations inside me that kept me where I was before

Step 3) DO I did what I had to do and found the path to my happiness and fulfillment. I researched and found a program that will take me to where I wanted to go. I invested my money, my time and my energy in it. I made a plan. I worked extra hours along with my full time job and family responsibilities and I became a Certified and Professional Life Coach.


If I can do it, so can you!

Looking to hear your experiences on the same.

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings
Live a Life of Choice; not Chance

THE Positive Pespective


What do you see when faced with a challenge or difficulty? How do you take it? Is it an opportunity to grow or a difficulty to put you down?


You see what you want to see!

And that is so Right! Often, we see the world with our own pair of eyes, our own color of mind in a specific period of time. If we stop and reflect, we can notice this very well.

If one door closes on us, we get depressed. If we do not get the job we wanted, the shopping item on our list, or land into a difficult situation like a road accident, miss a chance at something or fall into a tragedy of life like losing a loved one, ending a long relationship, or something of the sort – we surround our self and our mind with the vicious circle of unhappy thoughts and feelings.


You find what you want to find. It is often Hard but not Impossible to SEE the GOOD or FIND the GOOD. There are times when the good is not clear and apparent and sometimes you will never know what was the good in a happening in life. Moreover, you do not control external situations and happenings occurring in your life. Infact, you cannot control them. But what can you control then?

You can control how you look at them and how you behave towards them after they have happened. That is TRULY AND TOTALLY in YOUR HANDS. That is YOUR CHOICE.



You must know this if you have taken pictures with a camera. When you focus on what is close to you, everything else fades out in the background and when you change the focus to what is in the distance, what is near fades out.

In my own personal life, I was not able to move to a different location myself. When I knocked at many doors, I found them closed. Some of these doors related to work opportunities. I could not understand why and felt frustrated thinking, imagining and believing that the world has closed on me. I cannot move forward in life no matter how much I try. I could not see the good in all that was happening to me at that time. And then I realized something deep down. I realized it in my soul once my mother left me to rest in peace. I could see how what I saw as limitations were blessings to me. How I got the opportunity to be there for my mother and do as little as I could do for her in her short life compared to many other people around me. Yes, it was an opportunity to remain and spend and give back to my mother to later find peace in my heart that I had not left her alone when she most needed me.

I had the belief of everything happens for the good even before but when life got really difficult, it was shaken. My closest and dearest support people and friends made me remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining. And it is right to say that such a big event and tremendous realization brought me face to face with this belief once again. It strengthened and reinforced it.

Difficult times will come and difficult times will go. What matters is how we respond to them and behave while we are in these difficult times. Do we see the good or start focusing on the bad?


It all starts with a simple Belief! Start Believing in Good! Share and inspire with your comments.

Peace | Love | Blessings
~To your One True Self

Live a Life of Choice; not Chance

Believe in Self-Belief

YOU and YOUR Self-Belief!

Believe in Self-Belief! Do YOU?


Yes! Have you noticed how Powerful Beliefs are? Have you Reflected and Thought about Your Beliefs about Yourself?


HAVE NOT understood the Art and Science of Personal Belief

HAVE NOT spent time reflecting on Your Personal Belief System and How it Helps or Hinders You

HAVE NOT thought that Life can change immensely with a Simple and Slight Shift in Belief

HAVE only spent time trying to find someone or something to blame instead

HAVE only waited for someone to come and say that they believe in You

HAVE only believed that this is it and you do not have a choice to do more



Understand the science of belief. Learn the art of belief through knowledge, guidance, support and practice.



Yes! In order for you to be the person you desire and the life you wish to live, you have to first see it in your mind’s eyes. And in order to see that wonderful, lovely, and awesome image of yourself, you have to first believe in it fully in the deepest level of your subconscious; with your heart and soul.

Don’t let your inner demons stop you from it. Don’t let your limiting beliefs fail your fight.

You are a Warrior! So hold on to your belief firmly, kill your fears and limitations, pat yourself on the back, love yourself truly and celebrate the Real, Beautiful and Better You!


It all starts with a simple Belief! Start Believing in Yourself! 

Let’s Share and Grow! Looking to hear your experiences on the same.

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings
Live a Life of Choice; not Chance

In Between Life,Light and Darkness

LIFE Happens in between Light and Darkness! Do you agree?

Life happens or strikes like lightening sometimes. The brightness of lightening reveals a lot that was always there but you were unable to see it before and then there is darkness once again until lightening strikes again.

Life,Light and Darkness

Has life happened to you lately? Have you been through a traumatic or difficult experience? Have you felt that a bolt of lightening has hit you and jolted you leaving you shaky?

What happened next? Did you become more sore, more depressed, more angry, more unhappy, or more frustrated? Did you find people or events to blame?


Did you try to see the Positive Lessons, your Inner Strengths, the New Realizations and the New Opportunities when the lightening lit up Your Surroundings?

YES, it did some superficial and on the surface damage. But it also opened doors of Reflection, of New Paths and of New Treasures.

Take Life as a Gift. Take Difficulties as periods to Reflect, Learn and Grow. They have a lot to teach. If you cannot understand what is there to learn, find a person who is trained to help you through the Better and Positive change. Reach out to those who are skilled to do this.

You have a choice! You always have a choice.

Now, when a bad event happens, you can see it as another misery and sit, cry, get more depressed, blame or you can see the opportunity to Move Forward in life by taking the Right Action.

If not that, You can atleast realize that you are Stronger than many others to have gone through the Difficulty and Survived it. You can see the Inner Courage. SEE YOUR STRENGTHS, because I KNOW, I BELIEVE that YOU ARE STRONG. DO NOT just let it pass. Take YOURSELF AND YOU LIFE SERIOUSLY!

DISCOVER YOUR REAL SELF SO YOU CAN START LOVING YOURSELF and STOP DEPENDING on external things, external people and their assuring compliments, and external situations to FIND REASONS TO LOVE WHO YOU ARE.

Looking to hear your experiences on the same.

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings
Live a Life of Choice; not Chance

Recurring Dreams and Your True Self Coaching

Recurring Dreams and Your True Self? What? You might say, why such an article called

Understand Your True Self with Recurring Dreams

Well, something recently happened in my life and I wanted to share it with you. I think you might find it useful and

  1. Either learn something new OR
  2. Learn to handle something in a new way OR
  3. Learn HOW TO look for a solution to a similar challenge of your own OR
  4. Help some-one (friend, family and acquaintance etc.) with this new knowledge.

One of the Core Attitudes of being One True Self is being and remaining SOLUTION FOCUSED. This is one of my Core Values too. and there is a whole history behind it. If you are interested to know about My own fight to Finding Tangible Solutions and defining it as a Core Belief , let me know in the feedback.

recurring dreams


Coming back to the article, One of my friends shared with me a challenge she was facing since many many  years and what was that challenge?

She saw two different types of dreams very often. One dream was about birds and the other about her home. Both sets of dreams were not exactly same each time. They were different but the theme of the dreams were the same. In one form or another, she saw different types of birds in the same scenario. Even the dream that dealt with a house and doors was different in the sense that the house would be different but the feelings and other symbols would be same at the core.

She discussed it with a couple of people before she shared it with me. They gave her an explanation which she also shared with me out of her frustration. She was really frustrated and disturbed and wanted to get rid of them. But did not know how.

I am sort of an expert on dream psychology through experience and I have a knack of connecting the dots. I know a few things about dreams, a few things about psychology, a few things about people and a few things about coaching people (Core Belief: There’s always something new to learn). And of course,  a passion to facilitate others. I love putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

One thing I was sure about was why she was having these dreams and that is the purpose of this article. Personal Understanding and Awareness is an integral part of Personal Responsibility; a trait that is at the Heart and Core of being One True Self.

To cut the long story short, I gave her my own personal interpretations of both the dreams. I told her if you ask me, this is what I believe they mean.

Now, the awesome part. I had completely forgotten about it but after a few months she told me

I am so incredibly happy. Do you know why?

I asked her why?

Since you gave me those dream interpretations Zee, I have stopped dreaming them. I am free. I am absolutely free. I am not chased by them. I have a peaceful sleep. I don’t fret that if I sleep, I might see the recurring dreams again. I feel like a winner. At least I overcame one challenge of my life. 

(Now, the MOST awesome part. I helped some-one make their life better)

So, what exactly changed after I pour in an explanation to her. Why did they stop? How did the dreams disappear all of a sudden? Can that even happen? I mean, can miracles happen in life all of a sudden? You are faced by a challenge (mental, physical as health etc.) for so long and then in just one moment everything changes. Can such a magic happen?

Yes, Absolutely. BUT …..

This is No Magic. This is Pure Logic.

Everything in this universe is based on a precise logic. (oops! I spilled one more of my beliefs ;] I hope you don’t mind)

So, let’s Rewind and Put you in the picture. If you are still reading, it means either you have dreams or you are simply my type; the very curious type I mean ;]

Did you ever feel that the more you want to get rid of them, they stick to even more like bee on flowers. The more you want them gone, the more you see them. The more you ignore them, the more they bully you.

You think they are demons. Well, bad news that they are not.

But they are a nuisance.

Sure they are.

What I am only saying that they are not demons.

They are your friends.



Yes. You heard me right.

They are your friends.

They are there to wake you up. They are there to guide you. They are there to bring you back to your one true self. They are just mere guests. Their stay is limited. They are in your house (body) and only knocking your doors until you let them out.

Did you ever think of it like that?

Consider your body as (home) and Recurring dreams as (Guests)

They want to leave but they don’t have the key to open the main door. Only you have the key because you are the owner of the house.

You hear the knocking sound (by seeing the recurring dreams) but you don’t really listen.

Listen to them. They have something very important to say.

Usually they are just pointing out that you are running away from something, you don’t want to confront something. Something in your life is out of balance and going wrong but you are not paying attention. You need to pay attention to yourself, your body. It can be related to your psychological, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual health.

when you ignore them, they just get suppressed but they still are inside your darkness waiting to see the light of the day. Accept them, Acknowledge them, Understand them and Open the door so that they can be freed. Free yourself by Freeing them. It is not as difficult as it sounds.


Let me know what you think about the article by commenting below. Are you haunted by a recurring dream? Can you manage to solve it now? If you need some professional support, email me for some DREAM COACHING.

Happy Dreaming!

One True Self Life Coaching – Live a Life of Choice; not Chance

Best Becoming Better

Life Coach: Bridge, Rope and You

Dearest Reader,

Are you surrounded by an ever changing world? A world of innovation in which new terminologies get coined at a remarkably great rate? Does that make you feel over-whelmed?

It sure leaves me over-whelmed.

The need of going over an information again just to remember it makes me exhausted and I wish there is always a better way of understanding and remembering. That is what I always keep looking for.

Here is a  one of the lists that symbolizes our evolutionary journey.

Social Counselor, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Therapist and now…………Life Coach.


Confused? Isn’t that too much for any-one to handle?


That’s why I have put below a very cool and symbolic example from life. Just for you to look at, understand and remember what a Life Coach is with ease.

Sounds fun?

So, What is a Life Coach? 

Life Coach meaningImagine you are standing at the top of a mountain or some kind of land. Looking straight ahead you can see another mountain or piece of land at a far distance. This other mountain is your destination. Home to great treasure. What separates the two mountains is a body of flowing water. Now, lets talk about the treasure. You really need this treasure to change your life completely. This is the only thing right now that can transform your life.

Your goal is to cross the bridge to get to it. The crossing is an old, shabby, partially broken wooden suspension bridge. It is made up of wooden planks connected together at small intervals.

The loud sound of the cold, gushing water beating the rocks, some of whose tips protrude from under the river, cannot go un-noticed.   You look below to roughly calculate the great height at which the bridge hangs over the rushing stream of water, partially white where it hits the rocks. The calculation lets the chills run down your spine.

To put your focus back to where it belongs, you look straight ahead at your destination. You cannot help notice some of the missing planks of wood in the bridge. The dark, old and rugged wood has small and big cracks that run deep within it.

A flow of questions begin to hit your veins.

Will I be able to do it? What if I fall? How can I balance? How can I make sure to succeed in getting to the other side? Is it worth the risk? Should I just stay where I am? Should I give up? Has others made it before? Can I set an example by making it? Is luck on my side?

With the army of popping questions, you put your right foot forward and start your journey alone. The bridge tilts to the right due to pressure of your weight. You try to move your upper body to the left in a hope to maintain balance. The squeaky sound of the aged wood adds more fear to the task ahead. It seems more difficult than you thought. But you keep going, one step at a time.

For some time.

Alright Stop.

Stop for a moment.

What if there was a hard, fastened, strong rope that hung above the bridge? What if there was a safety rope fastened around you? Would this rope take the fear or at least a great part of fear out of this endeavor? Would it make it easier to get to the other end? Would just knowing that there is support available shift your mindset and put your focus back on your destination? Would the rope make you feel safe?

What is your answer?


Now, re-visit the example putting yourself back in the picture.

Has there been something in your life that you have always wanted to do but have never been able to?

(It could be out of fear, procrastination, lack of support, lack  of clarity or any other reason.)

What if you knew that there was some-one who will listen to you without judgement, support you, believe in you and stand by you while you are doing it. Does this knowledge and presence change how you think, feel and behave about what you want to change or have in your life? Does it provide you that security and assurance that you are looking for?

That’s exactly what a Life Coach does.

A life coach lets you reach your goal by providing support.


Putting it all together.

OPPOSITE MOUNTAIN: It is a place in the future where you want to go. Other word DESTINATION

TREASURE: It is the change that will add riches to your life. It is you what you want to change in the future. Other word GOAL

BRIDGE : The journey that you have to take in order to reach that place in the future where you meet your treasure. Other word ACTION STEPS, LIFE PATH

ROPE: The support that helps you along this journey to reach that place. Other word LIFE COACH

I hope the example of  the Bridge, Rope and You helps you in clarifying the role of a life coach.


Let me know what your destinations and treasures look like by commenting below. See you on the other side of the Bridge.


Happy Treasure Hunting!



One True Self Life Coaching

Best Becoming Better