The Hand Technique of Self Coaching

Dearest True Self,

I am going to share with you one of my core beliefs from my core beliefs and values checklist. This is an extremely important belief and I never knew before diving into the world of Life Coaching that it relates to this service so much. So, now I call it a Core Belief of Human Life and Life coaching.

Core Belief of Life

I not only practice it but also encourage all the people I connect to plus my clients to incorporate and apply it in their lives. It is a very realistic belief as it strongly pertains to Personal Responsibility; the most important human trait.

Your PROVIDENCE has Provided YOU with everything you will need on this earth.

What that means is that you were sent with all the resources you will ever need in this life. Resources could be anything from knowledge to staying alive and everything in between.

When everything is provided to us then why do we get stuck at dead ends and cross roads?

Good question. To arrive at an answer though, you have to take a small journey towards it.

Lets do this together.

Combining Core Belief of Life and Self Coaching

The Hand and Fist Technique of Life Coaching

Put forward your right hand away from your body, palm facing up.

Come on, do it with me.

Everything that you would every need during your stay on this earth was kept in your hand by THE HAND of GOD. Look at your extended right hand. Every thing is there in your hand. It was placed there when you were born.

Now, close your hand. Look at your fist.

This is what happened after you gained consciousness and grew understanding. This is the second step that you might not have a realization about. and this is an incredibly important step as far as your need for awareness is concerned.

Now, if you were to get some information, knowledge or answer out of your hand, what do you need to do? Your hand contains everything but right now it is very tightly closed.

Tell me. What do you need to do?

Open your fist, right?

Consider this. Every time you are confused, stuck, blocked at a dead end or at a cross road, you need to open your fist.

How can you open your fist?

To open your fist, you need a key but every time you require a different type of key. A very specific key for a very specific question or situation.

The next question you might have is Where is that key? Where can I find it?


That is most important one word that changes the whole perspective to life. It changes the entire mindset. It creates a Paradigm Shift.

Yes, Find is that word not Key.

What is required of you?

Everything is provided to you but you are required to find it, seek it, make effort and discover it. When you make an effort of finding it, looking for it, it will appear magically from no-where. This is a proven fact. You might have experienced this in your life. If you haven’t, you must have at least wondered how so many people with a very humble beginning and with all the odds against them made to the top? How they became rich and successful? You must have at least read or come across their life stories pointing this fact.

There is a saying If you seek, you can even find GOD.  Meaning that finding GOD being such a difficult thing but if you try, you can even achieve that.

And how is it that you find something?

One, by accepting that you have all the knowledge inside of you

Two, by trying to search for it through deep thinking, contemplation and reflection

And how do you reflect?

By asking yourself the right kind of questions suitable for the specific situation or challenge.

If you are new to this concept, then you should try it out with support of some-one such as a life coach who does exactly this through reflection aimed inwards at you. The coach tries the different combinations of the lock with the key of questions to arrive at solutions.

So, unlock yourself and become who you truly are.

If you are a believer already, you can become a One True Self Activist and share your feedback with the rest of the readers.


Now, re-visit the The Hand and Fist Technique putting yourself back in the picture.

Has there been something in your life that you have always wanted to change but have never been able to?

What have your thoughts about this been? Did you think that you don’t know how to do this. You don’t have the solution. If you knew, you could have applied the solution already. Maybe some-one else has the solution for you. Maybe they can tell me how to go about it. 

Now, with the new knowledge that you have gained rethink over it.

Look at your hand. It contains the answer but it is closed. It just requires the right key.

Does this awareness make you look at the challenge or goal differently? Does this give you a fresh pair of eyes? A confidence that the goal is in your reach. You just have to try until you find the right key.

What’s your answer to that?


Putting it all together.

HAND: It is the part inside you that has all your answers. Other Word: SOLUTION

KEY: The right question to unlock your resources. Other word: REFLECTION, QUESTION

I hope the example of The Hand and Fist Technique invokes reflection and offers you a fresh perspective to look at your life.


Let me know if this is one of your core beliefs as well. If you have been doing this without knowing. If you think, believe and have felt how powerful you are or how powerful a human being is just by believing in this core value and aligning yourself to it.

Happy Unlocking!

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings

One True Self Life Coaching
Best Becoming Better

What is Life Coaching Mirror Technique

Dearest True Self,

The focus of this article is to discuss and make you understand two important questions in a very simple, straight forward way.

Question 1: What is Life Coaching?

Question 2: What is the main job of a Life Coach?

Sounds too technical?

Let’s make it fun by way of an easy and symbolic example. But before we talk about the Secret Mirror Technique, lets get some basic facts about life coaching definition out of our way.

Life Coaching helps you change something in your life that you want to change. It assists you in reaching your goals. Life Coaching is based on a set of principles.

One, you must be willing to change something in your life. The need to attain a goal should be present in you.

Two, you have either tried to do it alone and failed or you just don’t know how to achieve your goal or you don’t want to even try alone due to the fear of failing

Three, your best knowledge has brought you where you are today but you need some extra help and knowledge to take you further

Four, life coaching focuses on your future

Five, you are the only person who knows yourself the best and that means the life coach or any other person does not have the answer to your challenge

Six, it is all about making you clear about yourself. This is based on one of the Core Beliefs and Values of Humanity.

Seven, life coaching is not about advising, mentoring, solving medical issues (therapy, mental and psychological help, medicinal help) BUT in case where additional help is required, life coaching can work side by side

Think of it as a Secret Mirror.Life Coaching-The Right kind of Mirror Technique

The Mirror Technique

Tell me What is the purpose of a mirror?

To reflect, isn’t it.

If I hold a mirror in front of your face, what will you see in it?

Your face, right?

You will see yourself in the mirror. You will reflect yourself back. You notice your eyes, your nose, your lips, your chin. That is what the mirror’s job is. To show you who you are.

A life coach does just exactly that. Really, that’s about it. Sounds weird? Read ahead….

As life coaching is based on this Core Belief of all knowledge that you need is within you, the only job left on your part is to make an effort and discover it.

How will you discover that solution; the answer to the problem you have?

Through reflection

You reflect within yourself and around you on everything linked (people, circumstance, thing) to you

But, then why sometimes you cannot find the answers yourself ?

Great question!

Because, you need a special kind of mirror to reflect differently sometimes.


This is where a Life Coach comes into the picture. A life coach provides you the Right Kind of Mirror to Reflect correctly and reach the right point within you where you will find the solution.

It’s a secret mirror because one, it is invisible and two, because it is unique not only for every person but also in every challenge.

A life coach pulls out this secret mirror from your personal bag and then tries to figure out with you which one is right for the present situation. A life coach just holds that mirror up to you by asking you questions that make you think deeply, contemplate and reflect on yourself until there comes a point where you find what you were looking for.

The Right Kind of Mirror asks the right type of questions and the answers to which open doors to transformation of your life.

It might take sometime depending on your goal and your present situation to find solutions and that varies from person to person. Sometimes, people cannot see initially huge benefits from life coaching but after a few sessions they start to understand its importance and realize the changes that are occurring.


Now, re-visit the example putting yourself back in the picture.

How many times do you reflect? How many times have asking questions differently made you understand things better and find solutions? Can you align with the idea of the Mirror Technique? Is this something you, yourself have been doing without noticing?


Putting it all together.

MIRROR: A tool to invoke reflection within you

REFLECTION: An image of yourself that becomes clearer when you think deeply

RIGHT KIND OF MIRROR: The right type of questions that will lead you to solutions


Let me know how much role does Reflection play in your life. Does Self Reflection lead to Solutions? Is there a goal or challenge in your life where you haven’t been able to find the right type of mirror?  What do you do in that case? See you holding the Right Mirror ;]

Happy Reflecting!

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings

One True Self Life Coaching
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