The Personality Dress




What is more important to you? Wearing a grand personality dress or a brand dress?

My reflection on the above comes from my personal life experiences. I get inspired and moved by people with tremendously awesome and genuine personality. When I meet them, I want to hang out with them, be around them and learn from them. Many times I have met people who have vibes of immense positivity and a charismatic personality that leaves me in awe. My eyes look beyond and even do not notice what they are wearing or how beautiful they are but it sub-consciously realizes their unique, true personality dress that appears popping over and beyond their clothing dress. In fact, they appear beautiful or even more beautiful than many beautiful people by standards of today. This has always been true to me.


I also came across a completely different crowd who believed that without expensive clothes and accessories, a person is not valuable and respectable. You might have also met people who are dressed in designer wear and branded from head to toe but some of them are clearly not valuable or beautiful people by any definition. You would like to run away or stay miles apart from them.

There is a group of people who no matter what they wear or however they look; skinny or fat, is loveable and inspirational and the other group no matter how much money they spend on their appearance are far from even being likeable, let alone inspiration.

As for my personal self in the past, I failed to understand the reasons and importance behind this personality dress. I looked in the mirror and did a lot of negative talk in my mind. I hated the way I looked, I hated my skin, my hair, my figure. At that time, I did not understand the idea of being comfortable in my skin. Yet all these people from the first group, no matter how not so good looking had a magic woven around them. A magic of confidence, a magic of satisfaction, a magic of peace and happiness. Why and How?

My reflection led me to understand the Why. The reasons became clear and led me into asking myself a question. What is my personality dress?  Do I need to invest in its change? The answer was certainly yes. This brought me face-to-face with one of the most important life choice?  How do I dress up my personality? What are the ways and choices to make to reach this goal?

Wearing expensive clothes is not a bad thing but it does not have the edge over wearing a beautiful, vibrant, happy, peaceful, positive, confident, transparent personality dress.

Reflect on your personal life and tell me,

Have you come across such people that sweep you off your feet just with their genuineness and truth?

Have you met a stranger whose smile just made your day?

If you have such people in your life, be grateful. and if you really have felt their amazing power of love and positivity, then try resembling them by discovering and bringing out your own true, warm and genuine self.


Invest in YOUR INNER APPEARANCE more than investing on your OUTER APPEARANCE. BALANCE your spending between your outward dress and your INWARD DRESS of PERSONALITY. Dress yourself with a GREAT and GORGEOUS personality.

Wear the UNIQUE Style YOU OWN!


Looking to hear your experiences on the same.

~To your One True Self
Peace | Love | Blessings


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